Ancillary Meetings

As part of the 2024 Americas Conference on Information Systems,, the Association for Information Systems (AIS) is seeking participation by all Information Systems organizations to conduct an ancillary meeting at AMCIS.

Registration will open mid-April for all SIG/Ancillary/Pre/Post conference meeting event requests.

Should you require assistance or have questions during this process, contact Julie Rule at

Reminder: All workshops should be submitted as workshops.


Workshops are typically half- or full-day sessions that facilitate discussion and exploration of ideas, techniques, and methodologies that advance research, teaching knowledge of IS-related concepts, or products from industry and their application to academia, educational curricula, or industry practice.

Key Benefits to using the OAM Site to plan your ancillary event:

  • SIG and Ancillary events arranged through the OAM receive the best available audio/visual and food & beverage rates.
  • Your event attendees will have the convenience to book during the AMCIS registration process, or to add your event to their itineraries after registration.
  • Hotel management – Ancillary event organizers can opt to take advantage of AIS’ meeting planning services to negotiate on your behalf to plan your event exactly how you want.
· Listing your group on the Official AMCIS Registration Form
· Processing payment
· Scheduled registration reports
· Refunds
· Scheduled financial reports
· Name badges (following official conference format only)
· Badge ribbons (as available) and lanyard
· Onsite registration service
Meeting Planning
· Logistical planning
· Discounted menus and menu planning
· Discounted AV prices
· Audio-visual equipment recommendation
· Room layout recommendation
· On-site coordination
· Hotel bill review
Ancillary Meeting Registration Reports
We will post the number of registrants on the “Ancillary Meetings” page on the ICIS 2021 website by end of the day, every Tuesday.
You will receive a full report with names, dietary restrictions, email address (TBD), twice before the conference begins.
– You will receive the most current report when you check in at the onsite registration desk.

Meeting Planning Coordination Fee
– No planning coordination fee – Only applicable to SIG Business Meetings (without audio visual and/or food and beverage) and AIS related groups such as journals, affiliated conferences, AIS business meetings, etc.
– $250 – Only applicable to SIGS and Chapters. Flat fee regardless of number of days or events.
– $350 – Non-AIS affiliated groups (1-day event), or workshops, and ancillary receptions
– $500 – 2-day event
– $650 – Events three or more days
Audio Visual Costs
LCD Projector PackageIncludes Tripod screen, LCD Projector, cart, cabling, install and dismantle.
Podium Microphone with Audio Package and Podium
Table Microphone with Audio Package and Podium
Wireless Hand-held or Lavaliere Microphone with Audio Package
Microphone Mixer and SpeakerA mixer and speaker must be ordered if a microphone is ordered. More than 4 microphones ordered and there will be additional charges. Labor price is included in cost.
Labor CostsSet-up/Strike
Food and Beverage Costs

Catering details and pricing will be available July 15.

Should you have any questions during this process, please contact Julie Rule at